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February 2012

Anonymous asked

Have you filled anything from the YJ anon meme? :O

Only a few things, really, since I tend to write long fics and they take forever to finish. Prompts have a way of running out of control with me, haha!

  1. Run (a.k.a. That Fic Where Kid Flash and Robin Blow Up)
  2. Everything Burns (a.k.a. That Fic Where The Joker Tortures Robin to Death)
  3. Heaven Give Me Say (a.k.a. That YJ/Silent Hill Crossover That Will Never End and If It Does Robin Will Probably Die Somehow)

And then I’m currently working on this prompt (which I mentioned last night), but I haven’t claimed it because I have no idea how long it’ll take me to finish it. And because knowing me it may not have a happy ending like OP requested!

Also, all of these prompt fills are available on my LJ, if you prefer reading them in a non-comment format! (OTL just looking at that page makes me wish I was happier with the majority of stuff I write so that I could post it, ughhh.)

  1. no-thisisfifa said: Will Robin ever survive one of your fics? lol
  2. nooowestayandgetcaught said: I looooooove your writing <3 *3*
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