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July 2012

Anonymous asked

Cosplay question! I really hope this isn't TMI, I have this bodysuit but when I wear it you can see the outline of my underwear, since I saw you wore a bodysuit for your Megan stealth mode cosplay and I was hoping maybe you could help me out. Is there a kind of seamless garment I can get or should I just go commando? lol

Not even gonna sugarcoat it. Get a thong with very thin straps (i.e. nothing ruffly or banded, just thin elastic). If you don’t wear them on a regular basis it’ll take a while to get used to but that’s what I usually wear with any tight outfit in order to avoid panty lines.

Alternatively, get a dance bodytight. It’s okay to not wear underwear with those (although I personally find it uncomfortable) so if you don’t like how thongs feel, you can use those instead. Plus they add an extra layer of security and help the bodysuit look much more smooth, so they’re a good idea to wear with spandex anyways!

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  1. fwips said: YUP. agreed with this. thongs rlly arent uncomfortable but i wear them normally so they’re not too bad for me but they’re really all you can do to avoid underwear lines
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