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August 2012

Anonymous asked

it's really inconsiderate of you to tan, you should be comfortable with your natural skin color instead of trying to change it. people who naturally have darker skin encounter racism and it's not an experience they can just let fade away when summer's over.

I really, really hope you say this to every single person you see tanning at the pool or on the beach. Or venturing outside wearing anything less than a parka.

Spoilers: skin color changes when exposed to sunlight and UV rays. It is a natural biological process and to utilize that process does not make one racist or “inconsiderate” of racism, any more than digesting milk makes one “inconsiderate” of those who are lactose-intolerant.

(Note, I’m not comparing being lactose-intolerant to suffering racism. But skin darkening when exposed to UV rays is a biological reaction so unless you’re wearing a parka/burka/wetsuit/etc. every time you go outside in the summer, it’s going to happen. That doesn’t make you a racist or inconsiderate of those who have suffered from racism due to their skin color. And laying out in the sun because it feels good on your skin doesn’t make you a racist, either.)

  1. whatdidshedraw--archive said: actual crying omfg
  2. ixhaku said: Bahahhaha. Anon has to be trolling
  3. shampoobeer said: Wha…what the hell did I just read…?
  4. krashly said: I really wish I could reblog this.
  5. palaven said: Wow I can’t even believe that anon. People actually think that way???
  6. redheadedshame said: amen!
  7. thestrawberrycupcakeimp said: people are… still giving you crap for this? e_________________e
  8. thanosisabutt said: Hahahah wow. This anon is dumb.
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