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August 2012

xirucem replied to your post: it’s really inconsiderate of you to tan, you should be comfortable with your natural skin color instead of trying to change it. people who naturally have darker skin encounter racism and it’s not an experience they can just let fade away when summer’s over.

people are… still giving you crap for this? e_________________e

This is actually the first time I’ve gotten crap over it! Usually it’s Courtney. So I’m sure she’s appreciating the break, haha.

Although Megan - who is paler than Wonder Bread - has been told she’s too tan for Toph. You know, the blind girl who grew up playing in tunnels and wasn’t allowed to go outside ever because it was ‘too dangerous’ for her.

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  1. thestrawberrycupcakeimp said: ksjhfa;shuf This is one of those times when I appreciate being more under the radar than you guys XD
  2. ohyeahcourtoon said: Naw, she was told she was too pale for Toph.
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