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Road Trip 2012: Northern Michigan

Went hiking in the woods.
Saw some nature.
Rambled to myself about life.
Recorded it so I could share it with you guys and feel horribly embarrassed afterwards.

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    LoL Nina, you’re so cute. Your vlog has reminded me of how much I’ve accomplished since I graduated high school. (I did...
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  4. hylialover said: I’m watching it in ten minute intervals but yay! I still am really jealous, I want to do this one day!!!
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    I wanna do this!
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    OOH yay this is posted! I’ll be watching it in a bit as its a tad long but I’m really curious to see the editing you did...
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    Veggie straws are delicious, though!
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    what nina you’re against unhealthy eating that means you can never have unhealthy food EVER GO HARD OR GO HOME
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    I… didn’t eat fries in this video? Maybe you’re confusing them with the Veggie Straws. Those are made from vegetables so...
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    Good for you! :D This makes me really, REALLY miss walking wooded trails, but there really aren’t any around me where I...
  13. beenwandering said: I’m glad you enjoyed yourself&shared your video. Hopefully it opened your confidence in yourself&you can keep trying new things! I drove alone across Canada over to Niagara and down through NY to get to MA last year-what a blast! You can do anything.
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    but i thought you were against eating unhealthy such as fries? …i guess once in a while wont hurt
  15. fwips said: im jealuz i wanna go on a road trip waa looks fun
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