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January 2013

I just ran out of Loctite Super Glue.
Do I go back to Home Depot in the morning to buy two more bottles
Or do I stop being an overachiever and just resort to hot glue as always

  1. therestless88 said: Go buy the glue in the morning!!!
  2. figmentpez said: Send your brother out to get glue for you.
  3. look-like-an-ojii-chan said: you have time, do your best work!
  4. lifeguardwaterbender said: No matter what you choose, you are still awesome.
  5. shnappley said: Whatever you choose, remind yourself that they will talk of this moment for ages. This will be the climax of your story, each time the legend is told.
  6. zydratesupportnetwork said: Hot glue is the stuff of champions! Plus, it’s cheaper. XD
  7. niteowlworkshop said: if it was a week before con i’d say go for the hot glue but we have time so go with the quality XD
  8. howyoudointiger said: Both. Both is good.
  9. hythe posted this