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Oh boy, so many Paleo questions~!

Meals: I cook dinner every night for the most part. Usually I only have to cook two or three times a week, then I just eat left-overs on nights when I’m too busy to cook. Most of those meals tend to be quick and easy to make, like stir-fries or simple chicken dishes. For lunch and breakfast, I’ll have “easy-to-prep” meals, like lunchmeat with veggies, or an omelet/scrambled eggs (I eat so many eggs oh lawd). For snacks, I like grab-and-go things such as apples, bananas, vegetable or apple chips, seaweed, or nuts! And almond butter is the most incredible thing ever.

Working Out: Since I started the Paleo diet 4.5 months ago, I’ve been lifting heavier and running faster. I’ve also lost around 15 pounds and gained more muscle definition. So it has definitely had a positive effect in that regard!

Dating: You’d have to ask Will since he’s the one taking me on dates, haha. But not really? As long as we go somewhere that I can get a burger (without a bun or cheese of course), grilled chicken or pretty much any other meat dish, or eggs, I’m good. And most restaurants are extremely accommodating if you tell them you have a strict diet/food allergies! (They want your money, after all, and if they give you a good experience you’re more likely to return.) So no, I wouldn’t say it makes dating difficult at all.

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