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Hello. I am the Anon who sent you the fitness complaint, which I understand has been reblogged on fat-shaming blogs. I would like to clarify: it is within your right to post your personal experiences on your Twitter but be aware that by posting about fitness achievements, you are oppressing those who are physically, financially, or emotionally unable to be fit. You're a cis white able-bodied girl, of course you can be fit. Not everyone is so fortunate and you're blindly flaunting your privilege.
asked by Anonymous

No need to clarify, your original post was pretty clear about the fact that you’re completely misguided and simply attempting to shame me to participate in the act of SJW shaming, rather than actually achieve something or educate anyone on a relevant issue. People like you are to social equality as PETA is to animal rights: useless, misinforming, and spectacularly talented at making your cause seem idiotic.

Are physically- and financially-challenged individuals treated differently in our society? Do they encounter struggles in life that those who don’t share their problems rarely encounter in their own? Sure, you can absolutely point out examples of discrimination for both instances that are 100% valid.

But “being oppressed by fit people”? Yeah, no.

Let me try to explain you a thing.

  • Following a healthy lifestyle does not require a large financial budget. Yes, gym memberships can cost a lot. Organic/fresh food can be difficult to locate in certain areas. But guess what? You can achieve a healthy level of fitness by simply (1) reducing the amount of junk food you’re eating, even if you’re still eating junk food; and (2) being active. It costs absolutely nothing to take the stairs instead of the elevator, to go outside for a run, to do body weight calisthenics such as jumping jacks, push-ups, crunches, and so on. (But just in case you don’t believe me, here are some guides to healthy eating on an extremely tight budget: 1, 2, 3; and some guides to working out for free: 1, 2, 3, and P.S. barefoot running exists if you can’t afford running shoes and is actually preferable to many runners.)
  • You do not need to be “able-bodied” to be fit. The Paralympics are, in fact, a thing. I would also like to introduce you to Josh Sundquist, as well as people like these following individuals:


  • Being fit has positively zero correlation to being white or cis-gendered. I frankly don’t understand your logic to even consider that a valid argument. Meet Chris Tina Bruce, an MtF bodybuilder and personal trainer, along with Alicia Marie, a black fitness model who was one of the first to break the color barrier in the industry.


  • Having a fitness tracker post my workout logs to my Twitter is not an act of “shaming” anyone. If I was posting something that said “HEY LOOK AT HOW MANY BURPEES I DID TODAY, WHAT DID YOU DO YOU FAT LAZY SLUG” then yes, I could see how that could make someone feel bad (though it is still not a form of oppression, I would just be an asshole). But all the posts say is literally, “I earned X points for my workout on Fitocracy.” That’s it. It is not silencing anyone’s voice or proclaiming that I am a better human being than you because I beat my personal record of goblet squats. Using Fitocracy to track my workouts is something that helps to motivate me (because like most nerds, I enjoy leveling up and completing quests) and having it post to my Twitter feed holds me accountable to my workout schedule.

Fitness comes down to a personal choice. If you, personally, do not care to exercise or eat healthy food? That is totally cool. It is your body and you have the right to treat it however you want. If you have more fun sitting on the couch than sweating through a P90X video, that’s great! If a slice of pizza makes you happier than a Greek salad, I applaud you because making yourself happy is important.

On the flip side, if someone wants to start their morning with P90X and they haven’t had a slice of pizza in five years? That is totally cool, too. Because it’s their body and their life. Just as you have the right to follow the lifestyle you prefer, they also have the right to live their life how they choose, regardless of whether or not that involves running marathons or eating organic produce or picking up heavy things until their muscles scream.

Someone who follows different health habits than you is not oppressing your own life choices, nor are they shaming you. They are not soldiers of the patriarchy or advocates of discrimination or fat-shaming scum, or whatever else you would like to call them. They are simply other people!! who do different things than you!!! because that’s what makes them happy!!!!

All that matters is that you are comfortable with your own lifestyle.

And frankly? The fact that you’re offended by someone else working out proves that you aren’t comfortable with your chosen lifestyle at all.

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